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The Program in Nutrition, School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with Asia Functional Food Database, Kagoshima University, Japan will be organizing the 2nd Symposium on Food and Health in Asia for those academics and researchers who involved in the food and health research which currently has a great potential towards the improvement human health and wellness... more detail
The aim of the symposium is to present research findings, exchange information and data regarding the role of food in relation to health in Asia. It will also be a meeting to foster future collaboration and the launching of the Asia Food Library.
The foods we consume each day have three functions. Specifically, they provide nutrients, stimulate taste and other sensations, and positively influence our health by protecting us from diseases. As we approach an age where food is plentiful, people have gained interest in not only the nutritional value of food, which has traditionally been desired, but also in the functions of food with regard to health. In particular, dietary life has been linked to lifestyle-related diseases, and thus plays a key role in the maintenance of health. Foods that have been designed and processed to sufficiently affect physiological functions based on scientific elucidation of the effects of foods on health are called functional foods. In April 2008 the Asia Food Library Space construction was completed in Kagoshima University, Japan and it will be a virtual library for functional food database in Asia.

The "Food Library Space" aims to promote healthier and longer lives by providing information on the components and functions of various foods that are beneficial to health.
With the aging of society, people are becoming increasingly interested in food as a means of preventing diseases. In particular, Asia is endowed with a plethora of foods with various functions, as represented by the traditional food cultures of its respective countries. However, there are presently no databases that allow users to search functional foods.

The present project was initiated with the objective of creating a database of functional foods in Asia based on research findings provided by researchers from various Asian countries, and sharing the data on a global scale.
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